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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Silent Generation Generation Z Characteristics At work The "Silent" Generation At work Socialize Ambitious Narcissistic The Silent Generation got its name partly because the children often worked hard and kept quiet. It was also a time of anti-communism in America and people were afraid to speak freely about politics. This infographic was created by Cando Advertising. Independent, creative, self-directed and process information at lightning speed. Possess superb interpersonal skills, enjoy flexible arrangements, believe promotions and raises should come from job tenure, loyal to employers and expect the same in return. Realistic, hard working on their time, participates in sports, believein personal moral compass.Values confidence, social, diversity and morals. Loyal, devoted to the family, few hobbies, attend churchregularly. Values hard work,respect for authority, work ethic,discipline and logic. Generation Z receives and sends an average of 88 texts per day. Need for achievement, power and status. Probably because of the Great Depression and the loss of status during that time. Characteristics Narcissistic personality disorder is almost three times as high for people in their twenties compared to people over 65. 58% of college students scored higher on narcissism from 1984 to 2009. Generation Z vs. The Silent Generation
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