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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 out of about 200 miners lost their lives. Owned by theYuzhkuzbassugol Company Opened in 2002,in Kemerovo region Mine Disaster:Ulyanovskaya Population occupiedmostly in mining industry Build-up of methaneand coal dust. Deliberately tampered gauges Many workers in a small area Methane explosionfollowed by a coaldust explosion with high casualties Caused: Konstantin Pulikovsky,head of the technical supervision body "The readings on the mine's meters and on the remote serverwere deliberately lowered and neither the operators nor the monitors were able to know the real quantity of methane in the mine" (4) Aman Tuleyev, Kemerovo Regional Governor 93 March 19, 2007 Officials have blamedprivate companies in Russia multiple times on accounts of unsafe proceduresto cut costs. (1) 108 survived Families of victims to be compensated (6) "The intentional blocking of the mine safety system was done consciously in order to increase coalproduction." (3) $25,000 the mine operator denied that the explosion was related to any safety issues. (5) However, Rescuers described a scene of utter devastation, with collapsed and flooded mineshafts and bodies ripped apart. (2) Russia
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