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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Welcome To Where Time Stands Still The coal was found in early 1800s, namely 1829 in Zonguldak. Sultan Abdulmecit, in 1849, had a close control over coal, due to the fact that the steamboats in other navies were in the search for it. Around the mid 1800's Sultan obliged every man in EregliCounty to became a mine worker. "In Eregli County, all men above the age of 13 and under the age of 50 are to work in mines." It is a place where time actually does not flow linearly. "Like Slaves in Colonial Countries." Donald Quataert The accident which happened in Kozlu, at 1913 was due to the explosion of coal dust and methane. Even the fact that thereare not many documents about the death and injuries, this accident is known as to be the most well documented in that time period. It is known that 30 people were killed and wounded, and the detailed data can be seen at the table. Quataert, D. , Miners and the State in the Ottoman Empire: The Zonguldak Coalfield, 1822-1920., p:200. Quataert, D. , Miners and the State in the Ottoman Empire: The Zonguldak Coalfield, 1822-1920,p:156. A drawing from a French man can be seen. It visualizes the rockfall in Kozlu, around 1913. Quataert, D. , Miners and the State in the Ottoman Empire: The Zonguldak Coalfield, 1822-1920,p:172. "Death and injury came in many guises to Zonguldak workers.Most often they were crushed by falling coal or rocks, seared by exploding coal dust ang gas, caught between runaway wagons and shaft walls, runover by wagons, or rowned." Kozlu Anything new? No! Onur AsıliskenderHande AydoğmuşBerkin TünerIrmak Ulusoy March 3, 1992 Kozlu March 7, 1983 Kozlu Due to the explosion of coal dustand methane.263 people dead.Exact reason why explosion happened does not known.After a while a piece of paper was found with a message on it: "You left us to death." January 8, 2013 Kozlu "Turkey has the worst safety record in terms of mining accidents and explosions in Europe and the third worst in the world. So huge that people thought an earthwuake happened.102 people dead.The survivors of the explosion told that the mine was full of fragmenteddead bodies. . The mine was processing with very old technology, and the respiratory system of the mine was installed wrong, which lead to the incident. It was 100% firms fault. 8 miners were killed due to sudden discharge and explosion of methane. 5 workers were killedby breathing methane and 3 others were buried by coal dustDue to the safety report of Turkish Audit Courts in 2011, it was considered a miracle not having fatal mine accidents before, and improvements were asked. However, the reason for the accident in 2013 was found to be poor safety conditions again.
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