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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The % of women who have experienced forced sex 67 The % of women beaten by their husbands Violence against women and girls is a human rights violation and this should be enough to trigger dedicated action. But this widespread violence also causes economic and development problems that remain invisible in most debates. -Based Violence Gender In addition to the impact on womens health, education and participation in public life, the economic costs include health care and legal services; lost productivity and potential salaries; and the costs of prosecuting perpetrators.-UNDP There is one thing that will bring productivity up and costs down, and that is ending violence against women, Economic Costs - UNDP Associate Administrator Rebeca Grynspan Hunger & Poverty The drain on the resources of poor households has a direct impact on hunger. The inability to work and potential desertion by the male partner can often mean that household members literally starve daily food purchases are not made, and children are left in the care of extended family or neighbours. An equally important impact of violence is its negative mental health consequences with women oftenexhibiting post traumatic stress disorder, further undermining their ability to Violence leads to lower productivity, absenteeism and often lower earnings by survivors of violence.Each dollar in lost earnings will lead in turn to a further decline in GDP through multiplier effects. GBV leads to: reduced physical and mental health of women, increased child malnutrition, restricted education of girls and boys, andweakened social capital of communities Women are Catalysts for Development: GBV results in lowered participation of women as agents of development which has disastrousimplications for realizing safer communities and sustainable livelihoods. 55 PNG Stats 50 The % of rape victims under the age of 15 60 The % of men who have engaged in gang rape Social (Capital) Costs Infographic created by: April Allison
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