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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Alyson Meeks, Blake Ruiz, Alexis Johnson Chapter 1:We meet Nick Caraway wholives in West Egg, New York.Nick introduces us to hiscousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom Buchana and their friend Jordan Baker.Jordan shares that Tom may havea mistress. Chapter 3:In chapter three there is a huge party thrown,we later on in the chapter figure out that no one was invited except nick. We finally meet Gatsby in this chapter. This hole party thrown for daisy and she doesnt even come, a part y full of rumors and lies. chapter 2:in chapter 2 daisy realizesthat tom is not the man shefell in love with. She knowhes cheating. He ends up hitting her, the night ends in disaster. Chapter 5:Nick goes out on a date with Jordan in the city, and she tells Nick that Gatsby needs a favor. Nick Gets home and Gatsby trys to kind of bribe nick into going along with his plan of havingTea with daisy, which Nick does. And on the dayof the plan it was raining and Gatsby tried to back out but Nick wouldnt let him. Chapter 6:People come to find out that everything Gatsby had said about how he grew up wasntcompletely true. His real nameis James Gats, and he was theson of unsuccessful farmers inNorth Dakota. Then it talks about how Gatsby met aman named Dan Cody, whotook Gatsby aboard as his assistant and taught Gatsbyhow to act as an upper-class citizen. chapter 4:Gatsby tells Nick about his past, but nick finds everything that Gatsby is saying to be highly unlikely. Gatsby takes Nick into the city and introduces him to Meyer Wolfshiem. Then nick runs into Jordan and Jordan tells nick all about how Gatsby and Jordan have a past, and how Tom is not staying faithful to Daisy. chapter 7:Gatsby, Jordan, Daisy, Tom, andNick, go into the city and stop at Wilsons garage, and learn that Wilson has found out that his wife has been cheating on him. Then Myrtle sees them there and leaves the house without her husband knowing. When she runs after Gatsbys car, thinking tom was driving it, Daisy who is driving accidently hits and kills Myrtle.
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