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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IT MISSION kids play a LOT of video games they go crazy when they get them taken away or just don't ever stop playing gotta beat this level From a medical point of view, video games are like a type of drug. Some studies show that for the serious gamer, gaming can be as addictive as smoking, tobacco, or other products that are harmful your health and mind. While on that subject people actually die from over-gaming. But they only die if they just keep playing and playing and playing and don't take care of themselves. If you don't know about dopamine, it is very important that you do. Dopamine is a chemical that, in a way, makes you happy. In this case, let's use Candy Crush as the game that the person is addicted to. When they play that game, it makes them happy because when they play it their brain releases a lot of dopamine. But it slowly starts to take more and more of that game to make the brain release that same amount of dopamine that it had the first time you played it. But that's not the only reason you're hooked. Have you ever noticed you usually have energy, or in this case lives, In games like that so when you run out, you can't play? Since you crave the game so badly, they restrict you from it so you keep going back, and back, and back when you get more lives. So when you run out of lives, take a break longer than you know it would take to get more lives. but if you go crazy, it is really bad and even harder to getyou unplugged. (get it?) if you go crazy, you are a danger to everyone and everythingaround you, including yourself, friends and family.If you think you can stop at any time, you're wrong.Almost every time you need someone else to help you stop being addicted. Video games canbe the cause of school shootings, normal shootings, suicide, and other terrible things. GAME ADDICTION!!!
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