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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Flag & Symbolism Flag & Symbolism Gambia Inforgraphic Compact State Multi-Ethnic State The main ethnic groups are Mandinka, Fula, Wolof , Jola and Serahuli. The largest ethnic group with 42% in Africa is the Mandinkas. Eight ethnic groups with specific language, music, culture, tradition live peacefully together in Gambia improving the cultural interaction and fusion although there is caste system. Demonym: The Gambia//Gambian Gambia flag consists of three equal horizontal bands of red , blue and green with white edges. Red symbolizes the sun, the Savannah and the amount of grasslands there are.White stands for unity and peace.Blue represents the Gambia River that flows between the green forest and the red Savannah grasslands.Green symbolizes the Gambia's land, forests and agriculture. Supranational Organizations Political Landscape & Organization of Government Gambias government is a republic system in which the elected representatives decide and vote on settling laws. Gambia is a country of democratic republic with multi-party system which was independent in 1965. There are central and local governments in Gambia. The local Government consists of 3 classes, 8 councils, 144 ward development committees and 1500 village development committees. In the Central Government, A president of 5 year term is the head of state and head of the government and is responsible for appointing the cabinet. The 8 local government subdivisions are Central River , Region North , Central River Region South, Kanifiying Municipality and Coast Region. A governor appointed by the President rules in each region. Districts and Local councils make up the local government. Demonym: The Gambia// Gambian Supranational Organizations
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