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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FashionProApparel ERP Powerful Functional, special customized for apparelindustry. High integration and extensibility. RetailManagement MobileApplication Merchandising Management InventoryManagement DistributionManagement Wholesales Management FranchisingManagement Point of SalseManagement Almost are transformedby others industry ERP. Functions simple but operation inconvenient and low extensibility. Product Life Cycle Management Customer RelationshipManagement BusinessIntelligence Buying MeetingManagement Procurement PlanManagement TraditionalApparel ERP Common Function Module Functional1. Functions comprehensive. Special Customized for Apparel industry.2. Open to Buy(OTB) function, help business to maximize their rate of merchandising and procurement.3. Powerful online Buying Meeting, Text and picture, Directly show the Efficiency 1. Easy to install system. 2. Base on Oracle Database, high performance, security and compatibility. 3. Bill Statement tracking with colorful highlight. Advanced ERP System lead management innovation which customized for fashion industry. Extensional1. Mobile Application. Using mobile device to process your business.2. Business Intelligence help decision maker to get the key point of enterprise information.3. CRM system build a nice contract bridge between enterprise and customer. Improve customer loyalty. 1. Transformed by others industry ERP.2. Data simple, lack of extensibility, 3. Lack of business executive force.4. Lack of security. 8. Complicated operation.9. Can't follow changes of management model well.10. Single company or brand, business hard to be expand. 5. Rules of promotion are so simple that it doesn't content the retail requirement.6. The statement of business bill is hard to track. 7. Lack of privilege control. Employees access system over their responsibility. FashionPro Additional Modules
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