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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Make Beaded Rhinestone Chain Clover Bracelet What You Need Step 3. Thread 6 seed beads on one line and 8 beads (6 + 2) on the other line. Take the line with fewer beads and pass it through the two extra beads on the other line (from the opposite direction) to make a loop. Step 4. Pull the fireline tight and pull the loop over the first rhinestone in your chain so that the beaded line sitssurrounding the rhinestone. Step 5. Make a knot and tie the fireline on the back of therhinestone chain. Step 6. Crisscross the fireline through the same two beads that already have two strands going through them. Now you are ready to begin the next loop. Step 7. This time add 5 seed beads on one line and 7 (5 + 2) seed beads on the other line and thread the fireline through the two extra beads as before. Tie a knot on the back of the rhinestone chainand thread the fireline through those two seed beads to get to the front of the bracelet as before. Step 8. Continue step 7 until you get to the end of the rhinestone chain.The securely tie thefireline and hide the knot in the Toho seed beads. Step 9. Add jump rings to the clasps and attach them to the loops on the rhinestone cup chain ends. Step 10. Attach a jump ring to the charm and attach it to theend of the bracelet. Add a clover charm and your bracelet is finished! More Beading Project Tutorials On Our Blog What You Do Step 1. Attach the cup chain ends to either endof your rhinestone cup chain. Rhinestone cup chain, Cup chain ends with rings, Tube of TOHO Japanese seed beads size 15, Fireline beading thread, Swarovski Crystal Clover Pendant, Clasp, Jump rings, A pair of flat nose pliers Step 2. Find the middle of your fireline and attach it to one of the cup chain ends by double knotting the thread below the ring. Visit Web Store At
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