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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DO YOU HAVE? Frankie Valli WHICH BLACKBERRY ANDROID SERIOUS? IPHONE DO YOULIKE IT? ARE YOU GET AN NO YES PHONE Baby Frankie Valli Teenager Frankie Valli Adult Frankie Valli Old Frankie Valli Frankie's birth date was 5/3 1934 He born in New York 80 years old His mother name Mary Rinaldi andhis father name Anthony Castelluccio He only finished school at high school Frankie Valli like to sing and makes friends In early life, his parents are homemaker and company employee,when Frankie was 7 age, he work in Frank Sinatra at the paramount theaterin New York city. When Frankie was 18, he was in the band calledFour Lovers with Tommy DeVeto andNick Massi. 1951 Bob Gaudio join in the band,and Bob make a good songs.1960 they get famous, and their band namechange to Four Seasons. Frankie Valli is a good person.Before Tommy DeVeto and Nick Massineed to pay the bank 10000, because they always bet and smoke .Frankie Valli had help his friends to paid all the money. He is special, because he will help his friends,so I think he is interesting. This person inspire me to help each other. Fun fact about this person:a. Make fun each other.b. Sherry this songs make radio's DJ played18 hours music of Sherry.c. He don't know Vidalli already died forlong time ago.d. Go to jail because didn't pay a money.e. Last name Vally became Valli, becauseItalian fowel always end with a,e,i,o,u. I learned from this person:a. Help each other.b. Work hard.c. Cherish your time.d. Try to believe someone.e. Cherish every things that importantto you.
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