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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Like Father Like Son Victor & Creature both are very intelligent both commit morally wrong doingsboth can be called a monster -Creature grows to hate Victor and kill innocent people-Creature learns language and human interaction-Creature shows that he can be caring-Creature longs for companionship that he never gets in the end -Isolates himself from family and friends to work -rejects his creation - creation kills his family members and friends-he feels responsible and hates the creature-he hunts the creature until his death -Victor would rather have no relationship with his creation.-Over time they come to hate each other until victors death.-The creature longs for victors attention Both the creature and Victor play god by creating life and ending life. -Victor did not want to deal with the creature at all- the creature wants to be accepted by victor - the creature kills all of Victors family for revenge- Victor chases creature until his death- Victor dies hating the creature -Victors father was not really involved in victors upbringing .-Victor is being just like his father towards the creature in the sense that he is not around. Victors growth Victor creates the Creature in an unnatural way yet the situation demands the kind of responsibility a father would have to his son Relationship simularities Relationship changes Creatures grwoth By: Mykael BrownDate: 11,23,2014ENG-4U CREATURE WANTS THIS CREATURE TAKES THIS FORM VICTOR
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