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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 One of every 4,000 males gets fragile x syndrome. male 30% Text one of every 8,000 males gets fragile x syndrome Text female 15% 5% Fragile X Syndrome Characteristics. It's the range of developments problems, including learning disabilities, cognitive impairment, delayed speech, and language by 2 years.Males are most likely to get this than females.When males get this disability they're probably to have mild intellectual disability, while females are intellectually disabled. The behavior from the syndrome is having anxiety, hyperactive behavior, which includes fidgeting or impulsive actions, which also includes ADD.Only a third of people with this disorder have features of autism spectrum; which includes having a long narrow face, large ears predominatejaw and forehead, flexible fingers, and flat feet. Passed Down- In a X-linked dominant pattern. The disorder is caused in the x-chromosomes in one of the two sex chromosomes. In the Y-chromosomes the inheritance is dominant if one copy of genes is altered good enough to cause the disorder. In the X-chromosomes it takes one mutation of the copy genes. Womenhave an increased risk of having children with this disorder, and males are nost likey to pass thsi down tot thier daughters. Diagnoses- Identification of this mutation id sufficientto fragile X syndrome in an individual development delay or intellectual disability. Treatment-There's no treatment but an interventionof education, therapy, and support.
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