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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 operators Job Description The Operator helps with the moving of equipment. this job include driving tractor trailer, pump trucks, bulk cement units, batch mixers and field bins to or from job locations. They also help with the overall maintenance of the fracturing facility.They also perform inspections of the facility, and communicate with the customers Educational Requirements No College degree is required for the job but instead you need field experience. You also must have a strong mechanical skill for this job.Also you must have a drivers license and a commercial drivers licence.You must be able to work a anytime to be a operator due to problems on site that may occcur. This Job ties into hydraulic fracturing since every place they drill has a Operator overseeing most of it. Operator's also are the ones who inspect the site and report any problems. This means they inspect the waste disposal that I talked about. They also inspect the chemicals that go into the ground another main point in my paper The average salary is 63,558 and the range is 46,692 to 78,765.The Location of this Job is at Yancey Texas for Warrior Energy Services. The Salary for starting here would be about 50,000 Salary and Location Operator Ties to the Paper Heavy Equipment Operator Salary | (2014, April 12). Retrieved November 24, 2014, from 1. (2014, November 23). Retrieved November 24, 2014, from Energy Services&l=Yancey, TX&jk=fe2e487092e05bc1&atk=197h63kjb19v172a&chnl=Fracking Jobs&utm_source=publisher&utm_medium=organic_listings&utm_campaign=affiliate Citations
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