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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] fossil fuels At the end of the century no more! Scientists predict that at the end of 2100 therewill be no more fossil fuels available on the earth 2000 2100 Pollution Cough Cough!! You may see this coming out your car exhaust pipe.It is called C0 . It comes from the fossil fuelsburning in your engine and it is mostly made up of nitrogen,water vapor and carbon dioxide. The exhaust contributes to air pollution. 2 2 53,000 People die each year due to vehicle emission Solution to all this madness What is a fossil fuel? There are three forms of fossil fuel: Coal, oil and natural gas. They are made upof dead prehistoric animals and plants that were buried by layers of rocks. That is where theyget their name from. Many solutions can be used like nuclear, wind, biomass, passive heating and cooling and geothermal, But what can you do? You can do many things like instead of driving to the supermarket you can walk with a friend. Turn down your heater just a few degrees to save energy. Have fun with conserving fossil fuels.
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