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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 central role of teaching and can teachers use every day assessments to drive the curriculum up from the minimum standards? could be better developed through individual feedback. Some students work independently at stations the teacher spends time providing critical feedback to individuals and small groups. In the upper grades, teachers tend to do more whole group instruction than small group instruction and find it difficult to give that critical feedback. There are other effective formative assessment strategies such as personal white board paddles and clickers "learning by trying to learn." A forward-thinking teacher will check for the likely misunderstandings to be able to eliminate them. help teachers keep them straight?A formative assessment does not look backwards but it focuses on the present of where the student is right now, it looks to the future. In Understanding by Design, you establish that assessment is intimately involved with planning for effective instruction. it makes so much sense that the expected learning outcomes should first be established in the form of the evaluation Following the concept of preparing the evaluation first (backward design), as proposed in Understanding by Design you must think about the assessment before you design the instruction. administrators should start their evaluations with conversation concerning what counts as evidence of student learning, . and what the teacher wants them to be looking for in their lesson, both of which questions demand that the teacher do some effective lesson planning
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