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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Forrester Throughout The Novel Forrester's Depression Levels After meeting Jamal for the first time, Forrester is almost exactly parallel to how he was before. But after many constant visits from Jamal his thick shell begins to break letting the young man in more than expected. As the regular visits from the teenager continue, Forrester becomes more at ease with Jamal and begins to show many more emotions other than anger. The main one being Forrester becoming happier. Throughout the book many events happen that alter Forresters depression levels. The moment before he dies 0% Before he met Jamal When he first met Jamal When him and Jamal became close His fight with Jamal 90% 80% 0.5% 85% When Forrester is first introduced in the novel, not much was known about him. He was a very passive man who tended to stay inside as much as possible having someone run his errands for him. Forrester did not like much contact with other people and seemed to always come across as angry. Happiness Levels Before Jamal With Jamal An antique cherry wood desk. A telescope. An underwood manual typewriter. A pair of binoculars. A black leather recliner. Pg. 190At the start of the book, Forrester would not even let Jamal set foot into his apartment. His feelings obviously altered because he ended up leaving most objects to the teenager that he didnt even like a couple months prior. All of the objects listed in the quote were symbolic to the relationship Forrester shared with Jamal. Forrester passed away knowing that these objects wouldbe given to Jamal, he died with a warm heart. This was a very thoughtful action coming from a manwho was extremely cold at the beginning of the novel. William Forrester is a very reserved character who forces many questions to be posed about him. He is very sad and lonely but doesnt do anything to change this. Most of Forresters conflicts are internal but he is also faced with some external ones. Many life altering events have happened to him forcing him to be in a state of depression. These problems will also show to take a toll on Jamal as William could be very sour towards him. The biggest conflict his attitude causes their friendship to be put on hold. Though William screwed up with Jamal, he changed his attitude and managed to make it up to him. His cold heart was showing to disappear. What you write in this apartment stays in this apartment. No exceptionsWhen Forrester and Jamal first started to write together he was still very reserved and shut out from the world. Although he had been showing signs of improvement, William was still very cold towards Jamal. He seemed very strict and old school type with his rules about writing. This was very similar in my Karate Dojo. Whatever we learnt in the Dojo had to stay there as it was a much disciplined sport. We were not allowed to fight outside or we would have been kicked out immediately.If Jamal took the writing pieces that he created in the apartment there would be serious consequences.
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