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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Formative Assessment WHY? Track resultsand check forprogress Identify thepurpose the road Develop scoring guide Check progress Follow Determine clear learning targets Develop taskbased onidentified criteria Providedescriptive feedback Supportstudentlearning NOW WHAT? KEEP GOING. ON YOUR WAY. NOW REPEAT. ALMOSTTHERE. YOU MADE IT. Plan instructionusing assessmentas guide Students self-assess and set learning goals Providedescriptive feedback Feedback should be: 1. focused 2. relate to thecommunicatedlearning goals3. be more work for student than teacher As students are still learning, do not provide grades, only feedback that follows the provided guidelines Traffic Lights:Green (I am now ready to teach someone else), Yellow (I am unsure whether I could teach someone else),Red (I could notteach someone else) Learning Logs:students can respond to a maximum of three prompts Sample prompts:Today I learned...I was interested in...One thing I'm not sure about is... Why use Formative Assessment Steps in Formative Assessment Guidelines and examples of the Formative Assessment steps Useguiding questions Who will use the information?How will they use it?What information is required? Should improve learning Deconstruct standards Use student-friendly language Review and critique theoverallassessmentfor qualitybefore use Involve students in tracking Can increasemotivation and self-reflection Adapt instruction as necessary
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