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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "I go out with some of my other singlefriends and look at all the couples andjudge them. Once I finish judging them,I then look at whether their relationshipwould last. The perks are being happyabout the fact that I can sleep at night without worrying about what I have to get my significant other for Valentine's Day three years before-hand," says Princesa Muro(11) "On Valentine's Day, I watch couples givehugs and kisses to each other while I'm single and getting nothing from anyone. The perks of being single are- more money, less stress, and basically morefreedom," declares Jessie Campos(9) February 14th, the day is coming and youre still single. The thought is just too painful to bear. While couples are bringing each other gifts such as stuffed animals, chocolate, and balloons, youre sitting by yourself with no one to comfort you. Has it ever occurred to youthat you could change that in an instant? Just because you're single,doesn't mean that you have to be alone. Even if it's Valentine's Day.*The quotes below answer the two questions in red. "The perks of being single on Valentine'sDay is that you get to hang out with friendsand munch out on all the food there is. Youalso notice the people who really love you,"claims Cynthia Campos(11) "I play Xbox on Valentine's Day, and theperks of being single are that I don't haveto worry so much if she is going to like thisor that. I can just relax and worry about myself," explains Brandon Gomez(10) #foreveralone "I like to go out for dinner and a movie with my friends, because they alwaysmake me laugh. One of the perks of being single, is that you can do what-ever you want," announced Casey Aviles(10) "For Valentine's Day, I always buy a bagof Hershey kisses, and give them to my friends. I love eating tons of food and watching some good old romantic comedies. Perks of being single? You'resingle! You get to focus on you, and do things for your own happiness. Learningto love yourself for you," states CatherineManalo(12) What do you do for fun on Valentine's Day? What are the perks of being single? Story by- Mia Favela
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