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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NATURES GROWING RESOURCE Forests are the lungs of the world,providing oxygen for us for everyday that we live. The forestry industry has developed our society into what we are today, giving us things such as lumber products,paper, AIR etc Canada stretches across five time zones and numerous climate regions.however the weather conditions are extremely different according to the soil precipitation etc. However the value of location is an entirely different topic while forestry industries would like to be closeto area where it isconvenient to transport their goods, be close to forests be able to put up factories and more Lumber is one of natures greatest giftsand are thankfully a renewable resource that has improves societyfor decades, however the practices the industries are using are depleting the resource faster than it can replenish itself. Methods like "cut and run"ariel spraying of pesticides are HUGEissues in the industry VALUE! The forestry industry face many challenges such as cut and run and essentiallyother harmful things that are done to the environment these play into theenvironmental impacts. Unfourtunatley we cannot say that the weather is on our sidebecause since Canadas climate is so cold we have a much shorter growing season and thisaffects all kinds of things in the lumber department TWO VIEWS, ONE FOREST ENVIRONMENTALISTS THE INDUSTRY Done by: Yasmine A
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