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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FitnessFreedom it's more than just a gym benefit Flexible the decisionto just do it Once/week the status quo of the gymmembership Challenge make Create An environmentwhere anything ispossible At a higher level Discover the great opportunitiesfor active, fun ways to engage invite Have a family member, ask about theirexperiences Family & Friendsat a special rate find activities youdidn't even know you enjoyed Control overwhere you can workout & what you can do call Think differently what's out therebefore you commit know Don't get stuck insidea box Be that teamwho will try anything once share new challengeswith friends &co-workers Stories of newexperiencesas a team Tell 100+ employees Expand your comfortzone the challenge ofa single locationor activity for your peeps solve Creating new ways to get off your ass Pricing for Companies Play Flexibility built in & unlimited totaluse $45/month for each employee$540/yearPer Employee $35/Month for eachemployee$420/yearPer Employee 50-100 employees Less than 20 employees $55/Monthfor each employee$660/YearPer Employee 20-50 employees $50/monthfor eachemployee$600/yearPer Employee double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Enjoy inspire Refuse to get bored your team For every corporate member Fitness Freedom will donate $20/year goes to the KidSport foundation, OR a charity of your choice.
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