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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Craziest moments in football Football is a mad sport, so let's see the method to the maddness as we find out footballs craziestmoments 4. 1. 2. 3. The Ghost Goal of Watford When their is a goal which is questioned to be offside or not and shouldn't of been counted cancause pain and misery for the fans but when a goal is given when the ball just hits the bar, youknown damn right there is going to be choas on the pitch like what happend here. Falcon Kick!!! In the world cup final, you can expect the occasion to be a fiery affair and it most certainly wasthanks to Nigel De Jong. Nigel De jong spoilt this match in final with huge flying kick right intothe rights of Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonoso. It really did looked like it hurt on that challenge.. OUCH The Headbutt heard around the world Zinedine Zidane was one of the greatest of performers to ever grace the field but there will be onemoment which he will be most remembered for. In this World Cup final Zinedine was playing his last evercompetitive match in his career with no doubt wanting to leave a mark on this final and just ask MarcoMatterzzi's chest as he left a big red mark on his chest after he was on the end of a nice headbutt. double click to change this header text! The Craziest Footballer in the world Can we please have a large celebration for the craziest player to ever grace the game of football,whilst he is well known to do that scorpion kick against England it's that man Rene Higuita.This man wasn't just a one trick pony, this is a keeper who would regularly dribble around opponents and took free kick as he has scored over 20 goals in his career. But this man he wasknown to make the most mistakes in football which makes any team having him posting a huge risk for their success. Sponsored by Lions Trading
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