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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Food Wastage Global Food Crisis 1 Billion people Food wastage levels around the world The total is... This is a serious issue If each year you add up Australia's wasted food, itequalls enough to fill 450 00 garbage trucks The average Australian throws away $1 036 worth of food a year. That could feed a wholehouse hold for over a month Africa is among the three lowest food wasters inthe world. Although they still waste lots of food many of the people go hungery due to the limiatonof infurstructure Africa rates of undernourished peopleis very high. They are a very large county and majority of its populationis undernrished Australia's yearly food wastage Africa takes up 14% of the worldspopulation and 239 million people in Africa go to bed hungry Big enough, but not enough 22 million people 8 billion dollars of food is thrown out each year inAustralia. 33% fresh food, 27% left overs, 15% life long,18% froze food and drinks and 7% take away double click to change this title text! Fresh food2.67 Billion left overs2.18 billion long life1.17 billion frozen fooddrinks1454 million takeaways 566 million 0 100 200 300 Europe North America Industrilised Asia North Africa,West South &southeast Asia Latine America Subsahara Africa 45 000 Food wastage is a massive problem all over the world for many people. In Australia alone we make enough food to feed around 60 million people, but still 2 million in our country go hungry. In Africa each year they produce around 230 million tons of food a year, but this is not enough. 239 million people in Africa are undernourished and hungry. Food wastage his is a main factor that contributes to the global food crisis. Not everyone in the world has enough food and clean water and this is a global problem. Everyone should be able to have access to food and clean water whenever they need it without relying on someone else. We could stop this by making sure everyone has enough food, stop wasting so much food, start buying less, saving it or recycling what you can. This would save food, money and most of all, save lives.
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