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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Caritas - Project Compassion 2015 I L For Life Caritas Australia supports the people in the third world countries including, East Timor,Africa and Asia in the long term development and to improve there living standards. They can also be called a connection to the needy What does Caritas do?? From School $75 can provide ingredients, so that eight mums can learn how to cook a healthy family meal in Australia O $5 can provide a tray of seedlings, so a farmer can diversify the crops they grow on their farm in Fiji START O F D The aim of the project compassion is to bring the issues moving around the world insight. Its a call to the people who have more than they need, to donate so the people who live days without food or any necessary utilities, they can access a sustainable life. Aim? Why Food for Life? Nepal Niger peru Australia Fiji Indonesia This year Caritas Australia is more focusing on food for life which aim to feed people in the third world countries by the donated food/money from the all around the world. It is a chance for everyone to get involved and put in a contribution to make a change. Start donating at school and contribute in the change. $20 can provide a 105-litre water storage container, so a family of seven can have imposed access to drinkingwater in Niger $300 can provide a five-day training course for 10 - 15 people, so they can learn to raise and sell fish in Nepal $930 can provide two adults dairy cows for a farmer, so his family can generate a stable source of income in Indonesia.
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