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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Significantly reduce the expenses associated with operating a program that is standard in this industry HOW YOU BENEFIT Sensors Quality Management Inc.156 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 19Toronto, ON M3B 3N2 CONTACT US Telephone: 416-444-4491Fax: 416-444-2422Email: @SQMInc PARTNER WITH CLIENTS OR SET UP YOUR OWN PROGRAM This approach requires [NAME]'s clients to contact SQM to setup their own, custom No Fee Brand Standards Inspection Program. Since, independent Mystery Shops will be completed for [NAME] and its clients, each company will reimburse SQM for all expenses incurred over the course of completing the evaluations. HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS THE PROGRAM NO FOR THE 1. FEE Detailed feedback helps improve quality and customer service on an ongoing basis Interested clients would be directed to [NAME]'s Account Executive at SQM for more information or to set up the Program 3. of companies in the restaurant industry utilize FOR THE BUSINESS Mystery Shopping Programs Unlike other Mystery Shopping Programs, our inspections are conducted at 2. SHARING THE OPPORTUNITY 85% 4. Measure quality and service levels, and monitor brand standards 2. PARTNER WITH [NAME] OR 4. 1. Account Executives, along with your sales and marketing staff, would share this opportunity with [NAME]'s clients and potential clients. This approach provides insight to both [NAME] and its clients. You will receive information regarding the promotion and presentation of your products and your client(s) will receive information regarding their operations. Typically, will reimburse SQM for all expenses incurred over the course of completing the evaluations. However, on occasion some manufacturers will absorb this cost.[NAME 1] is partnering with SQM to offer an exciting opportunity to obtain insight on their operation in exchange for working with [NAME 2] to monitor andgrow your business. The Account Executive at [NAME] will be informed when any of their clients sign up or begin the Program SUPPLIER VALUE ADDED 3. MYSTERY SHOPPING PROGRAM The No Fee Brand Standards Inspection Program gives manufacturers and their clients the opportunity to improve different aspects of their operation by evaluating various areas and departments. Over the course of the Program, participants can regularly track their performance to improve their quality and service levels, and monitor their brandstandards. Helps management keep staff motivated A brief overview of the SQM No Free Brand Standards Inspection Program along with additional informational will beprovided for the client.
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