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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 sunshine state Florida the Jacksoville New Port Richy Tampa Miami Tallahasse Key West highlands Tampa Bay 1513 Poce De Leon comes to Florida for the first time 1559 Spanish settlement 1763-1783 Florida becomes part of England 1821 Territory of U.S.A 1845 Florida becomes the 27th state . rode horses. always were moving.lived of the land the pioneer life the space program made our tourism one of our number one money makers Spanish rule on Floridamade us get into warsand exposed us to cultures I think some important people to our history are Henry B. PlantHenry S. Flaggler John Ringling Civic duties are important to Floridabecause we all need to work to a common good like recycling and protecting our wildlife. When european settlement started, the spanish wanted the land that the NativeAmericans had and kicked them out. tourism=light greenagriculture=yellowwildlife=brownecotourism=blueforestry=dark green top money makes in our economy executive federal laws,armies and,president legislativecongressthe house make sand passes laws judicial court system beaches in Florida made 3 million dollarslast year resorts/Walt Disney made 3 million dollars last year The Calusa are a shell tribeAppalachee tribe were huntersTimucua were boaters tribes of Florida The seminole wars started because the whites wanted back their former slaves andthey white men wanted the land when the land boom started in Florida, Henry Flaggler built his overseas railway and then a lotof rich people moved down to Florida Florida during the civil war helped feed the confederate soliders and herd cattle Ponce de Leon came to Florida to find the fountain of youthHernando des Soto came looking forgold The germans are the country thatis most common in our tourism THANKS FOR LOOKING
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