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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PHARMACOKINETICS MECHANISM OF ACTION MECHANISM OF ACTION FLEXERIL FLEXERIL ROUTE OF Trade name: FLEXERIL Generic name: CYCLOBENZAPRINE ADMINISTRATION ORALLY Josh Balles Gonzalez ,p.5 COMMON DOSAGE 5mg tid, and may increase to 7.5-10mg tid Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant. It works by blocking nerve imuplses that are sent to your brain. When used with rest, and physcial therapy, it helps treat skeletal muscle injuries. ABSORBTION EXCERTION METABOLISM DISTRIBUTION onest:1 hr duration:12-24hrs Bioavaiablity: 33-55% Peak plasma time:7-8hrs protien bound: 93% widley distributed through muscle tissues Extensivley metabolized in the liver via conjugation and oxydation Urine and feces SPECIAL POPULATIONS Haptic impairments Geriatric Patients Consider less frequent dosing start with 5mg,and increase slowly start with 5mg,and increase slowly Consider less frequent dosing CLINICAL STUDIES Flexeril 5mg tid,10mg tid,and placebo were given and observed in 642 patients that had muscle spasms. The conclustion was that 5mg tid was most effective. It created improvement in motor movement starting with backache releif. 10mg tid gave the same results, however it caused a mild sedation which prevented the patient's full movement potential, and caused limited consciousness . The placebo had minimaly effected the patient's condition,and pain was still present. INDICATIONS AND USEAGE Should only be used in short periods(2-3 weeks) because evidence of effectivness for prolonged use isn't available. And musculoskeletal conditions last a short time. CONTRAINDICATIONS Recent heart attack, wide angel glaucoma, abnormal heart rhythm ,severe liver disease,can't empty bladder,overactive thyroid gland heart block sinus tachycardia WARNINGS >Use only for 2-3 weeks>Avoid alcohol>Aviod driving>Aviod using heavy machinery>Let the doctor know of anypast medical history COST $18.72 5mg, 21 tblts$8.21 10mg21tblts
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