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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FIVE MOTIVES OF IMPERILASIM The way this is show in the movie is when the humans go to the navi and try to take that over so that they can get the resources to become the biggest and baddest. Back in the age of Imperialism the people that wereof the religion of Christianity would try and spread it to the rest of the people This was used back in the age of imperialism when one county would take over another country for its resources The way this happens in the movie is that the humans go on to Pandora to get the rock. Economical political The way this was used in the age of Imperalism is that some one like great britain who had so much power they would go take over the smaller countries so that they can get biggerand gro to be the biggest that they could be Religious The way this is shown in the movie is thatthe humans were trying to lear the way of thenavi so that they could eventually use there tipsto help them survive. Idealogical In the movie the humans thought thatthey were the domain race. They thought that they could take control over everything. Because they felt like they would be able to take control the way this was used in the age of imperialism is that the whites thought they were the domanate race. They took control of the blacks in africa and make them our slaves. Explatority An example of this in the movie was the humans going to the navi and looking for the new land and new resources that they would be ableto use to there advantage to try and see what stuff would help get them bigger, The humans used this as when theywould go to a different country to try and see what new stuff that looked good so that they could eventually come back and attack them to get all of the good resources to use for there good.
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