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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Phishing Sources: One sign of phishing is a generic greeting.A generic greeting is a greeting that could apply to multiple people. To make sure the greeting is legitimate the user should make sure the message is addressed to you specifically. Another sign of phishing is "too good to be true". This means that the message has unreal chances for you. EXAMPLE: Dear Customer EXAMPLE: You have won 10000 dollars! A sign of phishingis if the messageasks for personalinformation.Never give them personal information. EXAMPLE: Please confirmyour email address and social security number Irrelevant Links are another sign of aphishing message. The links will send you to a page that does not have to do with what the email was discussing, EXAMPLE: 8 Things to Look out For Urgency is a sign of Phishing. Urgency is when a messageforces you to do whatthey ask within the hours given. EXAMPLE; You must renew your account within 24 hours!!! Another sign of phishing is spellingand grammar. EXAMPLE: Please cunform your information Unrealistic threats are also an example of phishing. EXAMPLE: If you do not completethis survey you will be murdered at 1 in the morning. Suspicious Attachmentsare a sign of phishing becausethey could lead you somewhere that could put your computer at risk.EXAMPLE: ail
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