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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NOW PRE-MED GROUP THEN VOLUNTEERING SPANISH 1004 CHEMISTRY HSEM 2009 Exposure to career paths and possible future plans. Signed up to volunteer at hospital here. Will be different from volunteering at a hospital in the suburbs. PHYSICS HUMANEVOLUTION FRESMANSEMINAR Explored cultures much different from my own. Enjoyed learning more about a prominent language in our society. Difficult, yet interesting. Art and politics. Two subjects I didn't realize were so closely related. One of my favorite classes. CHEMISTRY More interesting. Confident I will succeed. Not my strongest subject. Hoping I will do well. Another anthropology class. Excited to continue with an interesting subject. Content | Inspired | Organized Anxious | Excited | Confused CULTURALANTHROPOLOGY Last semester was exciting and new,but I was anxious about deciding what Ishould study and what to major in. Now I am much more relaxed and have realized that I will be able to figure it out eventually. Right now I just want to enjoy what I'm studying, get involved, and meet new people. Going to Ireland for spring break. Explores creativity and innovation. Very excited!!!!! vs
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