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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Is media Literacy Media literacy is in almost everything we do.-watch TV-text people -FaceBook -Instagrahm-Tweeter -Bilboards-video games with ads -and the internet Media literacy is technologyand forms of communication.Such as advertisements where someone or a groupof people want you to buy oruse their product. TVmany people watch TV and there they are constantly viewingcommercials and products people want them to buy. TEXTINGlots of peopletext and whenthey are theyare taking part in media literacy by communicating.and lots of timesyou get texts that are adds. SOCIAL MEDIA you can definitelytell this has to dowith media literacy in the name.But with them there are pages promoting certain thing and lots of communication. BILLBOARDS AND ADDS billboards are a type of anadvertisement or promotion communicating and using technology. THE INTERNETprobably one of the biggest in medialiteracy. there are web site pop ups blogs and many more Since the beginning of timethere has always been media literacy. When the cave men were still around they wouldcommunicate by hanging beads on trees. Then when villages started to grow people would take on traits like news paper.Even though sometimes wedon't consider that technologybut it is. Imagine one of the firstform of human communication or the first printer. That is all media literacy.but to the day our technologyhas largely graduated.
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