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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Finding Forrester It was later revealed that he is the great William Forester who disappeared after he published his first and also the last book. He hid himself in that apartment after he published his only novel, Forrester did not hide anymore, he stood out for Jamal, He is thankfulto Jamal that Jamal made him brave enough to continue his life. This is the first time that Forrester went go of his apartment by himself in decades. Sit He is a mysterious man who watch Jamal and his friends playing basketball through a binocular in his apartment. Jamal and his friend never see the guy.There is rumor saying that he is a serial killer and people want to know who live in that apartment He hid in the apartment because he blamed himself for his brother's death. He thought his brother died because hepublished his novel. He is sad and depressed. He lived all alone in his apartment. He has no aim in life and shut out the outside world for decades. "Because I was stubborn- because I was so stupidly stubborn. I could have drive the car." (Pg.131) Forrester met Jamal. Jamal is a blackteenager who live in poverty, but Jamal made his success in both basketball and writing, Forrester learned from Jamal thateven if there is hardship, life goes on.Jamal changed Forrester, he taught Forrester how to face hardship in life. "You sir, and your school chose to question the words of Mr. Jamal Wallace."(Pg.184) In the last year of Forrester's long life, he moved out of his apartment; hewent to his hometown, Scotland. His relationship with Jamal is special, Forrester treated Jamal as a friend and alsoas his own son. He taught Jamal life lessons with his experiences in life and left all his things to Jamal after he died, Jamal taught Forrester to move on no matter what happen. Jamal is the reason why Forrester finally moved on with his life. "I have this native land that I haven't seen for years."
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