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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Poisonous Plants Effects on Humans Plant's defense that negatively effects humans can include oils on their leaves to chemicals withintheir roots. Results can range anywhere from skin irritation to death. Poison Oak and Ivy are commonly found in mostparts of the US. Contact usually results in anirritating rash because of an oil called urushiol. While some plants cause similar reactions, other's are much more serious. Plants such as Hemlock, Oleander, and Abrus Precatorius aka "Crab's Eye" cause a lot more damage than just a rash. Fatal Poisons -Coniine (found in Hemlock) attacks the neuromuscular junctions, causing deathby eventually attacking therespiratory muscles. -Cardiac Glycosides (foundin Oleander) causes cardiacarrest if ingested unsystematically.-Abrin (found in Crab's Eye)attacks the body at a cellularlevel by inactivating the ribosomes. Herbivores aren't alwaysaffected by the plants that are poisonous to humansbecause they have developed and defenses against the poisons. Positive Uses The yew tree, is one example of a poisonous plant thatcan be used positively in certainways for humans. It's bark contains a toxin called paclitaxel that has recently started to be used to help treat: Precautions -Long sleeves -Pants-Closed toe shoes Some lotions can offer minimal protections.If coming in contact with a poisonous plant just on the skin,wash thoroughly with:-Alcohol-Degreasing soap-Poisonous plant washWorst case scenario: When in nature always: Contact Poison Control and your doctor behavioral chemical The location of poison variesfrom plant to plant. Poison Oak and Ivy : the leaves Mistletoe : the berries Water Hemlock : all parts of the plant -Breast cancer-Lung cancer-AIDS Humans have not beenexposed enough or don'trequire these plants to start(or to have already created)immunity to these plant'spoisons. Location Having no outcome meansthat a person came in contactwith a poisonous plant and hadno reaction. Minor-Death refers to theseverity of reaction a personhas to the poison. Minor Outcomes
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