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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DO YOU HAVE? Breaking the Chains of Prisons 3R: Reentry Rehabilitation Recidivism WHICH BLACKBERRY ANDROID SERIOUS? IPHONE DO YOULIKE IT? ARE YOU GET AN NO YES PHONE Reentry exist becauseeveryone has to leave prison 700,000 inmates per year are released through theprisoner reentry program 68 percent of inmates return in the first 3years.78 percent come back in the first 5years. Rehabilitation is a way to prepareinmate for life outside prison. double click to change this header text! One has to wonder just howeffective is this program and does it really work? Education is one of the most important piece of rehabilitation inside of prison. In 1990, there was 350 highereducation program for inmates.As of 1997 only 8 remain. All caused by the lack of state and federal funding beingcut or eliminated.Leaving mainly computer-based learning techniques. Could this one day to be the end resultof recidivism. Solutions for Breaking The Chain No more prison sentence for non-violent offenders.Community service and treatmentswould better help lower recidivism rates. There are programs such as Second Chance. There felony-friendly jobs and housing in many states More support, guidance andpublic assistances for the newly release inmates wouldhelp to ease the stress of being back in society. S double click to change this title text! STOP THE CYCLE; REFORM THE SYSTEM Non-violent felonies, whom debt has been paid to society should have their records sealed and the stigma of the felony label removed.In turn given them a equal opportunity at a successful and productive life. Prison were invented for murderers, rapists, child molesters, and terrorists. Lets keep it that way. Stop wasting taxpayers money. Community at work in and out of Oklahoma prison
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