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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My School Timeline My School Timeline 14-1510th Grade 04-05kindergarden 09-105th Grade 12-138th Grade 13-149th Grade 05-061st Grade 06-072nd Grade 07-083rd Grade 08-094th Grade 10-116th Grade 11-127th Grade Mrs. Eakeshalf-day class playtime I found my love of carsand played with the Chevron cars, snacks were cool Mrs.Brooks Mrs.Strange<---- ----->Strict Really Nicedont remember much fromeither year because nothing interesting really went on Mrs.HiramatsuOne of the more strict/yet good teachersKind of teacher that gave work harder then the test to make test easier. Got myfirst conduct report, had snack-time/ anothermini lunch, first tri-fold project, most of the guys were in to yu-gi-oh! and pokemon cards(made an underground trading system sincethey weren't allowed in school. Mr. Accettullogood grades bad studentgot many conductshad bieber bowl haircut Mr.HooperJoined Safety Patrol(Mainly because of free trip to wild waves)Another teacher that gave work harder than the test, got more conducts, teacher played kickball with us in spring/summerused jolly ranchers as positive reinforcements Mr.Staffordteacher gave work hardedthan the testcool southern accent we beefed with the7th graders 8th were cool,I was ASB treasuerer Mr.HarveyNice teacher, Hippy with anger issues in blue group worked onalgebra was ASB treasuerer Mr. Staffordteaching was the same asbefore, it was a really chill year I was ASB VP did Weday woodmontdid the morning announcementsgot Ipad for class Good experience and changefrom middle school to highschool and kept self low keydidn't do much, did ImagineTomorrow/project to Mr.Bechara life prep flex, ALY,Computers, Minions (Story Still Being Writen)
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