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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 not To Pee To Pee or Nasty. who wants to be drinking or coming in contact with other peoples urine Pros Not always Pee Society Just because we all do it doesn't make it right. In fact it leads to heath problems including cardiovascular problems. so, why havent we experienced any sickness over the years or any complains. Tricloramine and Cyanogen Cholrode Leads to chronic health-cardiovascular,respiratory detrimental to the water quality and air circulation Locthe and Phelps have been swimming for years and don't believe the topic of peeing in a pool isn't something to worry about. As stated in the article "...on average, a person leaves about 30 to 80 milliliters of urine behind..." this tells us that we need to be more responsible and make sure we use the restroom instead of contaminating the pool and affecting the health of others Although its hard to believe fecal matter is more common then pee and also releases dangerous gases. Yuk!!!! Bad Don't Sweat Major concern Sweating also contributes to this chronic health but it is impossible for us not to sweat. by Juan Carlos Angel, Juan Montoya, Ahtzire Alvarez If there is a large amount of people in the pool the cyanogen chloride forms and decays quickly. So the pee causes cyanogen chloride to build and the chlorine in the pool to diminish Author Authenticity: Matt Hickman Mother Nature Network from where this was taken is very much real and could be trusted. based ofthe research made on CITY magazine and other publication he seemed like a legitimate source. Although some of the websites said to have published him don't necessary deal with any of the topics such as nature that he writes about.
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