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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20142015 Resolutions Worth Keeping 2012 2011 Happy New Year! NUR SYAQEERA BINTI MISMAN I A143904 I ~ The women would like to make a cup of coffee ~ She have to boiled the water ~ The man wonder how long it will take to boiled the water ~ The family will have their breakfast ~ The man reading the newspaper ~ The man is a Chelsea Football Club fans ~ The baby play with toys ~ The Woman boiled the water using kettle ACTION LADDER 1 GROUP 2 Save Your Scratch For Something More Important ~ Search information from the internet ~ Get info from books ~ Have some discussion with friends ~ Get info from lecturers Go Play Outside, Bring A Friend. IDEA Also, You're a Dick When You're Stressed. FACT Facebook, Twitter, and Farmville will be there when you get back. LEARNING ISSUES ~ Boiling point of water is 100 degree celcius ~ The volume of water used~ Type of kettle ~ The initial temperature of water~ Humidity of surrounding ~ Surface area exposed to heat ~ Thermal conductivity of kettle ~ The position of gas hob supports ~ The energy efficiency on a gas hob ~ Did the surrounding influence the time taken to boil the water?~ How much the volume of water that can fasten the time taken?~ What type of kettle that can shorten the time taken?~ How much the efficiency of gas hob to boil water? Anyway, Live Well, Live Passionately, And Always Chug Life. It's Always Awesome @ PROBLEM BASED LEARNING L F A I
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