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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Events Leading to the Civil War Seventh of March SpeechMarch 17,1850 Conflict Compromise 1850 1850 1852 1854 Kanas-Nebraska ActJanuary 13,1854 1854 Bleeding KanasJanuary 29, 1854 1857 Dred Scott Decision March 6,1857 1859 John Brown ExecutionDecember 2,1859 1860 Election of 1860 1860 Uncle Tom's Cabin was a book about slavery.The book showed the grim life of a slave. The bookwas very conversional. People in the Northenjoyed the book. While the people in the South, thought it was wrong. Frederick Douglass PaperMay 20,1852 South Carolina Secedes From the Union Bleeding Kansas was a conflict. The people inthe North were anti-slavery.while the people in the Southwere pro. The fighting was over slavery in America. Dred Scott went to the Supreme Court to become a free-state. The Supreme Courtdecision was he cant be free and that's he'sproperty not a person. As soon as the decisionwas made the people of the North were outraged. John Brown was capture during in failedattempt to attack Harpers Ferry. He was later sentenced to be hung for treason. His treasonwas killing of 5 slavery supporters. He was a hero tothe people in the North. But a terrorist to the people of the South. The winner of the election was Lincoln. He was a Republican. One of his goals were not to let slavery expand in the country. And that angered the people of the South. South Carolina declared it self as an independence state. After they declared their independence six other states seceded also. Allowed the new state of Kansas to decide if they want to be a free state or a slave state. The choice was up to the people that was thereThat was popular sovereignty. Instead of government deciding.
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