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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FEDERALIST PAPERS In response, the antifederalists publishedessays of their own, protecting liberty was one of their chief concerns. Whenthe fight for ratification began, theFederalists won over the small statesfirst. Then soon after they went for thelarger states which was harder becauseleaders weighed both sides. Ultimately,the promise of a bill of rights was thekey to winning. In September 1789, congress proposed 12 amendments for ratification and it was approved. In the essays, Madison, Hamilton, and Jaydefended the principles underlying theConstitution. Madison argued that the Constitution would balance the influencegroups who attempt to bend the governmentto serve there own will at the expense of thecommon good, Others explained how theConstituion used principles of government-namely checks and balances and separationof powers- to limit national authority and preserve liberity. The essays were collected into a single volume and circulated throughout the states. They prove influential in theratification debate. According to Thomas Jefferson, they were the bestcommentary on the principle of governmentthat was ever written, Today, the essays are called the Federalist Papers and considered a classis statement of America political theory. 3 of the most intellectually giftedFederalists- Alexander Hamilton,James Madison, and John Jay- teamed up to write a series ofarticles defending the Constitution.They wrote under the name on Publiusto honor one of the founder of the Roman Republic. Between fall 1787an spring 1788, Publius authoreda total of 85 esays.
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