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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 triple alliance France, Great Britain & Russia formed the Triple Entente. triple alliance France, Great Britain & Russia formed the Triple Entente. Triple Allinace Austro-Hungarian Empire, Germany & Italy formed the Triple Alliance. 1882 1914 Tensions againEurope was a virtual powder keg of tensions. 1907 Assassination Archduke Francis Ferdinand, & his wife were assassinated. 1914 A-H demands -baked by the Germany's promiseof full military sup-port-. 1914 A-H WarAustria Hungarydeclared war on Serbia. 1914 Europe At WarEurope was plunged into war with in one week of Austria's declaration. 1914 Enormous CasualtiesEurope, Austria &the Central Powers believed they couldquickly win the Great War. By the end of 1914 each side had suffered enormous casualties. 1914 StalemateWar settled into a virtual stalematethat would last for the next three years. 1914 Blockade of GermanyIn effort to combat Britain's devastating navel blockade Germany announced that it would use unrestricted submarine warfare to prevent supplies from reaching Britain. double click to change this title text! 1915 1915 Lusitania Set SailBritish passenger liner Lusitania sailed as scheduled for England from New York City. Lusitania SunkGerman U-boat stationed off the Ireland coast launched a torpedo at the Lisitania, sinking the massive 170 foot ship in lessthan 18 minutes. 1915 Sussex PledgeThe Sussex Pledge committed Germany to avoid unimeted submarine warfare. 1916 1916 Pless Conference - Resumption of warGeneral Paul Von Hindenburg's field headquarters, to reconsider the German position. 1916 2nd Pless ConferenceVon Hindenburg & his aide, General Erich F.W. Ludendorff, joined the admirals of the High Seas Fleet in requesting the resumption of unlimited submarine warfare. 1917 1914 Wilson Neutrality President Woodrow Wilson officially declared Us neutrality. US Outrages By LusitaniaPeople demanded that Wilson repela the U.S declaration of neutrality. 1915 US Informed About SubmarinesTheodore Von Bethmann-Hollweg and Alfred Zimmermann agreed to request the resumption of unlimited submarine warfare. USS HousatonicGerman Ambassador Count Von Bernstorff informed the United States government that unlimited U-boat attacks would resume the next day. 1917 1917 Sank Allied Shipping German submarine sank approximately 900,00 tons of allied shipping. US Broke RelationsU.S.S. Housatonic was sunk. The United States broke relations with Germany. 1917 1917 Wilson Asks For WarPressident Wilson requested a declaration of war against Germany. 1917 US Goes To WarApril 6 Congressprovided that declaration. SussexFrench passenger ship attacked by the German submarine 1917 Fatal Decision U.S. European. Carla Arias Mr.VPeriod.3
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