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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fashion Trends Timeline 1950s-2015 Women did NOT show much skin, A popular item was the circle skirt. Many men wore a lookcalled ivy league or preppy and the colour pink becamepopular. 50s Women had more showing of skin. Mini skirts became popular. For men, lapels,ties and belts got wider. 60s FLOWER POWER!Maxi dresses were a trendy style in the 70s. People beganwearing vans, and but of course,tie-dye. 70s 80s womens fashion was both colourful and daring.Big hoop earrings andoutrageous hairstyleswere big trends. For men, button flyjeans and again crazy hair were popular. 80s 90s Combat boots. the 90s wasthe first year that combat boots became popular. For both men and women, it was a trendy style. For women, wearing a necktie belt was a thingas well as jeans that tied up in the front or side with a string. Whichin my opinion is Nasty. As for men, super spiky hair and popped collars were an interesting but popular style. For girls/women, clothing got shorter than its ever been before. Crop tops, extremely short short-shorts, tank tops etc. Vans and Converse became popular again as well.A new style was createdcalled the white girl. Mens fashion, I see a lot of plaid and stripes and the everlasting mens item, jeans. 2000s 2010s-15s By: Paula L. 50s circle skirt Outfit 70s tie dye shirt 90s combat boots 2000s necktie belt Outrageous 80s hairstyle That's some bighair you've got there. Can'thandlethenasty. White GirlStarter Pack Personally, not my style. 50s women - womens fashion - mens fashion - 90s - womens fashion - mens fashion - - - mens 2015 - mens fashion 50s, - 60s - mini - womens - tie die Sources
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