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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THEMES CHRONOLOGICAL EVENTS PLOT SUMMARY Montag meets ClarisseMontag come home to Mildred's overdose.Montag starts to worry about the mechanical houndClarisse goes missingThe war startsThe woman with the library burns the house with her in itMontag takes a bookBeatty gives montag a talk about the booksFaber and Montag devise a planMontag reads poetry to teh womenThe firemen and Montag are called to Montag's houseMontag's wife leaves, his house is burnt downMontag kills Beatty and starts running to Faber's houseMontag makes it to the homeless peopleTehy talk about memorizing books The city is bombed. CHARACTER ANALYSIS RELEVANCE TO TODAY Montag: Main character, fireman, is different than typical citizen, starts reading booksClarisse: 17 year old girl who encourages montag to think outside the rules of society Mildred:Montag's wife is a typical example of a wife in societyBeatty: Captain of the firemen; key person who investigates montag for booksFaber: Old man who helps Montag with his plan to make books available Mechanical Hound: Hound that always finds it's victims; makes Montag paranoid Homeless Men: memorized whole books of popular literature Censorship and Ignorance of Knowledge Fahrenheit 451 is set in the further and is about a man named Montag who is a "fireman." In the book, "firemen,"don't put fires out, but rather start them. They burn books,which are illegal to own. In the beginning, Montag minlesslyburns books and has a wife named Mildred who is obsessedwith her Parlor Walls. Later he meets a young, social outcast, named Clarrise. Throughout the book, Montag starts to like booksand he starts to take them and read them. He becomes nervous around the mechanical hound. Towards the end of the story, his house gets raided and burned down. Running away, he finds hobos who have memorized books. At the end of the story the cityis bombed. This novel is relevant to today because things that happened in the book can very well happen today. Things such as censorship are already happening in today's world. Our world could easily end up like the society in the book.
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