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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parents and Children Parents and Children Paternity Paternity Support Support Emancipation Emancipation Family Responsibility Laws Family Responsibility Laws Education Education Medical Care Medical Care Responsibilities Responsibilities -must provide necessities-it helps social and moral development, while controlling children's behaviors -Law forces parents to support their children-it's an action in court to establish the fatherhood, forcing to pay pregnancy expensesand child support.-Family Support Act 1988; assist mothers and childrenin obtaining paternity testing and allow suits until childis 18.-DNA testing recently being used -Support food, clothing, shelter, education and medical-The amount of support varies on what parents can afford-Support agreement indicating how much each parent pays -7-16 school attendence-misses school without justification is truant-Parents who don't send to school are fined or arrested-Parents are not legally required to pay for college tuition -Parent' legal responsibility ends whenchildren become it-Children are free from legal controland custody of parents until 18 -Children not legallyrequired to supportelderly or disableparents-Family ResponsibilitiesLaws: adult childrensupporting elderly -Legal duty to protect and supervise children's health-Provide proper medical and dental care-Can be charged with neglect if ignore children's health-Doctors may act in life-threatening emergencies without permission from parent or court Care and Supervision Care and Supervision -Parents decide for children as long as its nothing abusive-Parents have the right to chose their child's education-Neglect and abuse are not tolerated by the Law
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