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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Long before this school year, District 834 had discussed reconfiguring grades for a K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 model that meets graduation standards. The change includes moving 6th gradestudents to the junior high school, while moving 9th grade students to the high school. Building change debated for transition grades "It's inevitable,but I don't thinkit's the end of the world." "Why fix somethingthat isn't broken?" "We'll all have to adjust. It'll just be somethingto deal with. Soon it'll be the new normal, with new generations of students,they won't even notice." PROS CONS Students interested in participating in Advanced Placement classes as wellas activities not offered at the junior high would be able to take part in such opportunities offered at the highschool.Teachers would have the opportunity to be specialized sooner in students' livesso younger students can receive a more advanced education earlier on.The time is right to spend the money forthis very large purchase. Valley Crossingand Rutherford elementary schools are being paid off, so the district will be ableto afford changes that would need to bemade to accomodate the growing stud-ent body. Questions arose about whether or not students would be able to handlethe high school or junior high level of maturity. The students main concern was lack of space. They fear overcrowding andworry about how this would affectother aspects such as the school day. Concerns arose about the improvements necessary to be made to the high schoolbeing too great. Information taken from SAHS students Source:
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