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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Physiotherapy vs improve efficiency and performance of the human body by studying the factors that influence human movement provide clients with advice concerning which activities are best suited for them to reach their health and fitness goals help them cope with physical injuries or prevent disorders that impede movement work with patients (young and old) to improve their range of movement and promote well being develop effective treatments, initiate manual therapy & introduce therapeutic exercise Kinesiology works closely with other people to categorize their movement problems and seek an effective solution to improve their treatments $28, 000 to 51, 000 a year $65, 000 - 75,000 a year minimum 4 year post secondary degree/trainingmost people currently working in the field have their masters degree in kinesiology Must write the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) to practice in some provinces Masters degree in physiotherapy Athletic and sports equipment companiesrehabilitation and occupational health departmentsprofessional and ameteur sports teams/organizationshospitals colleges and universitiesself-employmentfitness and research industryhealth promotion hospitalshealth centresclinicsGP surgerynursing homefitness centresports clinic ergonomicsclinical rehabilitationhealth and safety in industrial settingscase coordinationdisability management cardiovascular and therapypulmonary rehabilitationgeriatric physical therapyneurological physical orthopedic physical therapypediatric physical therapyintegumentary treatment of the skin natural passion for health and wellnesspatience when dealing with othersgreat at communicating their opinionlikes to help people genuine concern for patientsexcellent communication skillsteamwork skillsorganizational and administrative skills 37.5 h/weekcan work in hospitals, community, etcmay visit patients in their own homescan work for voluntary organizations or the private sector Working conditions vary based on responsibilities of jobmay work normal weekday hours (research) or a variety of hours (personal trainer)
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