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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cell Phones & e-Waste: Of the major personal electronics sales in 2012,cell phonesmade up of them. The Recent Impact of Do-It-Yourself Repairs What is e-Waste Electronic Waste or "e-Waste" is a term embracing all types of waste containing electrically powered components. e-Waste contains both valuable materials as well as hazardous materials which require special handling and recycling methods. ? - Total New Phones Sold: 1,697,750,000- Total iFixit Page Views-To-Date: 2,092,295 iFixit potentially allowed for of the major 2012 cell phone releases to be repaired. double click to change this title text! 3,420,000 tons of e-Waste was generated in 2012! 79% 2012 Major Personal Electronics Sales Cell Phones 1.75 BillionComputers/Laptops 341 MillionTablets 119.5 Million is a companythat provides people withdo-it-yourself style repairmanuals for their personalelectronic devices. For the 4 best-selling 2012 cell phone models: iFixit Page Views 2012 Cell Phone Sales If we assume that for every 2 iFixit page views a device has, there has been at least 1 repair attempt, we can come to a reasonable estimate of iFixit's impact on the e-Waste generatedby the major cell phone releases of 2012. .06% Which suggests that iFixit's effectiveness was potentially a decrease in the e-Waste generated by the major 2012 cell phone releases. .048%
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