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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cell Phones & E-Waste: The top 5 best selling phone companies sold 1.11 billion cell phones Trashed: 2,420,000 (70.80% of E Waste) Recycled: 1,000,000 (29.20% of E Waste) Consumers will often replace their cell phones when they stop working. Companies such as iFixit give consumers the resources they need to repair their phones as opposed to simply replacing them with a new phone. By keeping cell phones longer, the amount of phones purchased will decrease as will E Waste since the amount of phones discarded would lower each year. The Recent Impact of Do-It-Yourself Repairs 79.17% of all major personal electronic devices bought were cell phones =192,904 Tons of potential of E waste What is E Waste Electronic Waste or "E Waste" is a term embracing all types of waste containing electrically powered components. E Waste contains both valuable materials as well as hazardous materials which require special handling and recycling methods. ? Total iFixit Views For The Top Selling Phone Models: 2,092,295 Potential DIY Repairs due to iFixit: 1,046,147 double click to change this title text! 3,420,000 Tons of E Waste was generated in 2012
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