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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Age:25Country: MacedoniaLearning: Hungarian and EnglishAbout: music and travellingEVS: September- June(9months) in Hungary my site Enthusiasts of the Swiecie Region Society EVS European Voluntary Service His experience as an European Volunteer EVS is an experience that all young people should experience. It is the best opportunity for traveling, new friendships, and new adventures! You can choose an EVS project that you would like to take part, and one in which you will gain valuable working experience. You can have an unforgettable time. Mydream is coming true! Ive taken the challenge and Im having new adventures, meeting new people,cultures and habits. Dont wait! Live your dream! WHY YOU HAVE TO DO AN EVS HIS PROJECT THE ORGANIZATION My volunteering in Hungary began with an initial training in Budapest with 23 volunteersfrom 8 countries. While in Budapest my dream to visit the city and explore it was fulfilled.I will attend another training to learn more, have new experience, and make new friendships. At the center for people with autism I expected to have an opportunity to workwith autistic people in the wayI think best with my ideas, games, and free activitiesHowever it was more than I expected. First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome from the people in the daily center. The mission of Symbiosis Foundation is to help the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and their family members through support for training, employment and social integration. The Symbiosis Foundation provides services like: a day-care centre, a living centre, a rehabilitation farm and a kitchen. The characteristic of theSymbiosis Foundation is the fact that it provides institutional, transit and supported employment services. In addition, the foundation provides training courses to increasthe qualification necessary to find a job and has several rehabilitation programmes. Oliver
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