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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 my site Age:23Country: BelgiumLearning: EnglishAbout: circus art, art in generalEVS: June - Febrery (8 months) in Irland Enthusiasts of the Swiecie Region Society EVS European Voluntary Service His experience as an European Volunteer The most wonderful thing about the EVS project is that it does allow you a different way of learning. The best way to see what you are capable of is to go abroad and try things. It gives you confidencefor your future life. You learn and discover all the things you are capable of and things you had noidea you could do. WHY YOU HAVE TO DO AN EVS HIS PROJECT THE ORGANIZATION During the 8 months of my voluntary service, Ive been involved with the Galway Community Circus in Shantalla. Its a youth circus school who dreams to bring and share the joy of circus with the community. The tasks Ive been asked to do have a lot of variety and because I was already competent in the circus field, I feel safe enough to try new challenges. I really enjoyed practicing the duties I already knew as well as venturing into the unknown. For example, I already knew how to teach circus but I had no idea if I was capable of teaching in English as well as how to book new props online, create a photobook or write a blurb for the local newspaper. Galway Community Circus offers regular circus arts training programmes, short courses and outreach workshops for children, young people and adults. We are primarily a youth-focused organisation, offering regular classes for young people aged 5-20 years throughout the school year. As part of our mission, we strive to provide a socially and culturally inclusive environment; we serve the local community in our home base of Galway City, and provide outreach workshops for youth and community organisations throughout the country Jacob EVS
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