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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 my site Age:22Country: United KingdomLearning: SlovenianAbout: drawing, art and theatreEVS: November- May (6 months) in Slovenia Enthusiasts of the Swiecie Region Society EVS European Voluntary Service Her experience as an European Volunteer I will return to working as an artist and teacher in London so this year give me the opportunity to broaden my practice into different fields and use the facilities to full affect. I have a greater understanding of the impact of joining the European Union in former Yugoslavian countries and I am appreciative of the opportunity to talk directly to people who have lived through these changes, andreflect on, and learn from their perspective. I have made lifelong connections to my friends and colleaguesin the hosting organisation and the wider community.I would emphatically recommend EVS to others. WHY YOU HAVE TO DO AN EVS HER PROJECT THE ORGANIZATION I am volunteering as the artist in residency and run workshops in Atelje Clobb. I run a weekly art group forsenior citizens and co-ran a weekly drop-inworkshop for children (age 8-13) with a local traineer teacher. I teach for a week in the local gymnasia to generate more interest fromlocal, young people, with whom I organise a fundraising art and music evening in the local youth centre. Atelje CLOBB studio is a youth center for artistic creativity for different populations.We enable a wide range of artistic activities, from workshops and courses as well as the possibility of a creating space for an individual artist and others.We offer options as graphics, photography, painting, ceramics, art library and teaching. Located in the heart of the old town in the town square. Amy
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