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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Americas view on Evolution VS. Creationism Religion and Science have always had controversial conflicts.In America however, the public seems to be split in their opinionsabout the debate of evolution versus creationism. EVOLUTION CREATIONISM A random gradual process by which organisms developand diversify from an earlier simple form to a more complex form The belief that the universeand all life originated from specific acts of divine creation.This includes taking a Biblical literalism to the Genesis THE U-2 INCIDENT HAS RELEVANCE WITH TODAY BECAUSE IT DIRECTLY LED TO THECOLLAPSE OF THE FOUR POWER PARIS SUMMIT. THE TRUMAN DOCTRINE HAS RELEVANCE WITH TODAY BECAUSE IT STOPPED TURKEY AND GREEK FROM BEING COMMUNIST NATIONS. Humans evolvedGod guided process Humans evolvedGod had no helpin process God created humans The public consistently favors adding creationism to theschool curriculum along side evolution and letting the students decide which they would rather believe in. Data shows that people with different education levelshave different views on evolution and creationism. The higher the education lever the more likely in the beliefof evolution. Based on the data takenin 2010, there is still a majority of people whobelieve that God alone has created humans No Opinion Through all the data gathered, the debate still coninues.... Through all the data gathered, the debate still coninues.... Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design. (n.d.). Retrieved February 25, 2015,from Americans Still Divided About Evolution. Retrieved February 25, 2015, from Wallpapers For Cool Christian Cross Wallpaper. (n.d.). Retrieved March 17, 2015, from Creation vs. Evolution Debate - Michael Moog. (2014, February 9). Retrieved March 17,2015, from References
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